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Crime Reformer Association
Towards a safer society
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About Organization Strength

In our organization (crime reformer association) we have total a team of 150 retd. IAS & IPS officers and also we have many famous Industrialists near by the Haryana, also the high profile businessman and so many govt.retired officers also.50 members are working for the organization free of cost for the welfare and growth of the organization.In our organization, we have lots of members like school going or college going students. We mainly fight for the prostitution which is now a day’s spoiling the lives of the youngsters.

Why We ?

The number of crime is spreading throughout Indian society on different levels. A lot of people face the evils of crime in one's life. Very few people take a stand against a crime and often turn in due to lack of proper support over a preiod of time. This only escalates the number of crime and never prevents it. We, in crime reformer association, want to provide a platform to people especially youth and students so that they will be able to lead others to give a proper direction to society.

  1. We react early to provide assitance
  2. We provide moral as well as legal consultation wherever needed.
  3. We provide platform to people specially youth and students to lead.
  4. We want to work for each and every section of society.
  5. We have a startgic plan to fight against crime on grass root level.
  6. We have a team of exeperienced leaders to guide and direct as well as talented executive team to materalize the strategy.
  7. We hasve numerous members from diffrent section of the society sharing the same vision including youth, women and students and the number is increasing only.

What We Do?

  1. We condemn, fight snd act against all kinds of crime.
  2. We bring light on unnoticed crimes and support the affected people.
  3. We provide legal consultaion and moral support to cofront an illegale actiuvity.
  4. We provide rehablitation and gudiance to the people who have already served their sentencse against a previous crime.
  5. We ty to spread awareness amaong common people to realize about their rights.
  6. We supprot children from poor section of our society.
  7. We try to spread education in every direction, levels and cliches.
  8. We try to help in employing and self-employing people.
  9. We support police authorties for fighting against crime and related issues.