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Term & Condition


  • Quickly inform the police or the organization office about lost of your identity card.
  • Pay Rs. 100/- to get the duplicate card.
  • The candidate will be responsible for any wrong information and incomplete application and they will be punished.
  • The membership can be stopped due to bad character or indiscipline in corruption or against the rule of organizations constitutions.
  • The membership of other equivalent organization is not valid.
  • Deposited money is not refundable at any circumstances.
  • Essential to return the identity card in the end of membership.
  • The post is selfishness and valid.
  • Validation of truthfulness can be checked on the website of the organization or from the head office.
  • The rule of organization will be obeyed.
  • Misuse of identity card will be punishable.
  • Never pay more than declared membership fee.
  • If somebody of staff presses you for more fees, quickly complain the national office or senior staffs.
  • You will be ready to help the society.
  • Always keep yourself with truthfulness.
  • The national staffs may decide about the reports/satisfaction/or acceptance of post.


  • Rs. 1200/- for executive membership card.
  • Rs. 5100/- for lifetime membership card.
  • Promotion on their annual report of work. (deposit the donation in the office and take the receipt)
  • All the presidents must submit the report of whole month of their worker in the first week of the month.
  • All the presidents will keep a meeting in a month with their workers and all the worker must present in the meeting whose notice will be given within 7 days by the president/vice presidents/secretary.
  • The absent in the meeting will be given in written to the office.