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Crime Reformer Association
Towards a safer society
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Our Vision

We have a strategic plan and vision for our organization. Our organization wants to work upon the each and every small root of the society which is destroying the atmosphere of our society. If a vision and strategic plan are so important so we can easily cure the abuses like corruption, prostitution, drug addiction from oursociety. Values are the sets of beliefs held by the organization, so every organization has its own values and beliefs. Our belief is to spread our organization in each and every part wherever the corruption is up coming. We want common people to be aware of his citizen rights so that he/ she could fight against corruption, crime and supperssion. We want the society to be free of terrorism, bribery, crime against women, children and human rights. We want to abolish practices like child-marriage dowry and child-labour. We envisage a safer society for a better world.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help eliminate the fear based thinking that is presently dominating our society. If we have brought together a group of people and if we are doing this work together and fighting against the crime together, then our mission will be possible. "What are we doing here?"By developing a mission only, we will be able to answer our question. Our organization mission is to capture the essence of samples of the corruption spreading all over the society.